Amazon Kindle ebook accessibility

I’m really getting to grips with my Kindle now. As a blind person the text to speech facility is briliant as it enables me to read books downloaded from the Kindle Store. A significant drawback is that only 50 per cent (or so) of Kindle titles are text to speech enabled which means that I, as a blind person am excluded from a significant number of books sold in the Kindle Store.

Amazon gives publishers and authors the right to decide whether text to speech will be enabled in respect of their titles and (sadly) many publishers/authors have disabled text to speech on their publications. Its so frustrating seeing a title I very much want to read, clicking on it only to find that it is wholly inaccessible to me.

Only a tiny proporsion of print books are availible in accessible formats such as audio, consequently buying an audio version is (in most cases) not an option.

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