Yesterday evening I finished reading “Long Past Dead”. The novel tells the story of a girl with no name who, at the tender age of 10 is entrapped into the world of child prostitution.

She escapes by killing one of her captors, John and is assisted in her flight by “the underground”, police who are tasked with fighting drug trafficking but who, against official procedures help trafficked women to escape slavery.

The girl (we, near the end of the narrative learn that her name is Teresa), is found a safe hiding place by the underground. However after discovering that her refuge is situated next door to the house were she was abused (and were she killed John) Teresa flees her refuge and leads a precarious existence, in the outside world surviving by being paid cash in hand. However she is always looking over her shoulder as she knows that her former captors (of whom several remain alive and at liberty) are intent on tracking her down and eliminating her.

Eventually ther is closure of a sort when her captors are imprisoned but Teresa is determined to hunt down child abusers in thle future, to take revenge on anyone who abuses women and children. On that note the book ends.

The descriptions of sex trafficking are given, by their victims in a matter of fact manner and it is this very matter of factness which makes the narrative so shocking. Again the brief description of the paedophile who, after having abused Teresa goes home to his wife and children (he needs to get home to attend his daughter’s recycal) shocks one to the very core.

Long Past Dead is not a comfortable read it is, however well worth the efort.

For further details please visit www.smashwords.com/books/view/33190


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  1. Valda DeDieu says:


    I appreciate your wonderful review. There is nothing a writer loves more than hearing from a fan who GETS what we feel impelled to express. Thank you! I’ve sent you a special FAN GIFT edition of BLOODPACT, see the Amazon link here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004HO5TJM

    I’m so grateful for Kindle’s Text to Speech, which enabled you to read LONG PAST DEAD. Smashwords has audio books in the author’s voice, and I’m hoping to be able to make mine available sometime later this year.

    I will keep you on a mailing list where I send you previews of my upcoming books, as well as other goodies that I, as a voracious reader, enjoy receiving from my fave authors: bookmarks, book-cover calendars etc…


    Valda DeDieu

  2. denise yates says:

    I have read long past dead and found it excelently disturbing. I am currently doing an essay for uni on child trafficking and sex tourism. So if posssible I would liketo use your book for referencing. Especially the qoute of name-blank.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment. If you wish to contact the author regarding her book I believe that her e-mail address is sighted in “Long Past Dead”.
      I’d be very interested to see what you have to say on the topic of trafficking. I’m always looking for guest posters so (if you are interested) please do feel free to submit a post for inclusion here. You can find my e-mail address by going to the “about” section of my blog.

      Kind regards,

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