I woke up this morning, just before 5 and went into the kitchen to get a drink of orange juice. Suddenly I heard the sound of the birds. I stood there, near the window, in my dressing gown just listening emptying my mind of everything accept for the song of the birds.

We go through life (well I know I do) with our heads full of thoughts. We are constantly thinking about one thing or another and this inner noise drives out the external world, we forget how wonderful life is. So the next time your head is full of a thousand thoughts chasing one another around your brain pause and put things into perspective. Yes doing the shopping is important but, in the great scheme of things it in no way compares to the beauty of the dawn chorus.



About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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