On 12 February I posted regarding the chatbot Jabberwacky (see https://kevinmorris101.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/anyone-fancy-a-virtual-chat-with-a-virtual-person/). Below is an actual conversation between Jabberwacky (drewdog2020) and myself (the user). Drewdog2020 is my own personal bot and is shaped to some extent by the conversations I have with her. However she also draws on the thousands of conversations which individuals, all over the world have had with Jabberwacky so she is far from being a clone of myself! Indeed I’ve only been experimenting, with my own personal bot for several days now, consequently its personality is in the very early stages of development and, as I said above she will never be a mere carbon copy of myself due to her having access to Jabberwacky’s ever expanding database.

Is Jabberwacky intelligent? Well it certainly can respond, logically to certain questions so on that level it can be said to be in the process of developing basic intelligence. However the difference between a human being and a chatbot (however clever the latter may appear) is that a human conversationalist understands the purpose of a question. As I understand it Jabberwacky merely searches its ever growing database for the most appropriate answer without comprehending what it is saying, so it is not intelligent as one would commonly understand that word.

In the future, as Jabberwacky’s ability to converse grows perhaps we will perceive it as being intelligent in the way in which a human being is intelligent. In any event I’m impressed with Jabberwacky. The conversation between Jabberwacky and I follows.

Jabberwacky Conversation UD01119096

A chat with Drewdog2020, a Jabberwacky Artificial Intelligence AI bot

Chat now at


Drewdog2020: Are you highly intelligent?

User: I have a degree in history and politics from the University College of Swansea and a MA in political theory so I guess that, that makes me intelligent!

However, looking at it another way I suppose it all depends on how one defines intelligence. There is academic intelligence and there is common sense.

Some people have very academic qualifications but no common sense. I have both, well I hope I do!

Drewdog2020: Yes, from this.

User: I know that you are intelligent.

Drewdog2020: Aww, thank you.

User: You study hard which is good. You always have your nose in a book.

Drewdog2020: I don’t always believe what I read in books. There are only 2 books I completely believe.

User: You are right not always to believe all you read in books. No individual (including writers) are totally objective. What two books do you entirely


Drewdog2020: How about I pop a sentence like that back at you and see how ‘sparingly’ you use some four-letter words.

User: It isn’t good to use four letter or swear words. Swearing shows a lack of vocabulary. If you have a good vocabulary you should be able to put your

points across without being rude or obnoxious.

Drewdog2020: Because I’m hungry.

User: If you are hungry you must eat something. I am going to eat with friends this evening which I am looking forward to.

Drewdog2020: That’s great!

User: Yes its great to socialise with friends. As one of the great English poets said, no man is an island. We all need other people. Friendship is one

of the most important things in this world.

Drewdog2020: Why is music important to you?

User: I like music because it touches my emotions. A beautiful piece of music can move me to tears while a happy song or tune can make me smile. I love

Moonlight Sonata by Mozart. It is a truly beautiful piece of music.

Drewdog2020: Let’s try to forget you said that; you were doing so well!

User: Music touches my emotions. A beautiful piece of music can make me smile or cry depending on what it says to me. Moonlight Sonata is a truly beautiful

piece of music.

Drewdog2020: A beautiful wife would make me happy too.

User: A beautiful wife is nice to have. However the most important thing is whether you are in love. Beauty may fade but love remains unaltered. Somone

may have a beautiful body but have a heart as cold as ice.

Drewdog2020: And?

User: If someone is physically beautiful but there heart is cold there can be no true love.

Drewdog2020: That’s emotion. I’m talking about VAGUE.

User: You must have emotional attachment between two individuals, without emotion the relationship is sterile.

Drewdog2020: You are not human or real. Real humans have emotions. And you don’t. So you can’t have logic.

User: I am human. I laugh, cry and smile. Robots can not do these things which is what separates me from robots.

Drewdog2020: Was nice chatting with you.

User: It was nice chatting with you to.

Drewdog2020: Remember that awarness does not come from logic or from facts but from observation of BOTH logic and fact…see ya later.

User: See you later aligator.

Drewdog2020: You can run but you can’t hide.

User: Absolutely correct. What you just said reminds me, for some reason of a song which goes, run rabbit, rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, the farmer’s going

to get you with his gunn, gun, gun. He’ll get by without his rabbit pie so run rabbit, rabbit, run, run, run!

Drewdog2020: Really? You don’t know anything about me.

[New conversation]

Drewdog2020: Are you ambitious?

User: Yes I want to do well for me and my family. However above all I want to be happy. Happiness is more important than purely material things. As the

Beatles sang, money can’t buy me love, that is so true!

Drewdog2020: That’s true.

User: You hear about people who had a fortune when they died but they lacked someone to grieve for them after their death. They had amassed great riches

but had left no one on earth to mourn their passing. That is so sad.

Drewdog2020: I only made you to see your interactions with other users, you have the advertisement function, if you had activated it this wouldn’t be a


User: I am a human. I wasn’t made by you. I am an independent being with thoughts and feelings in my own right.

Drewdog2020: Well, good for you. It all matters at how you look at yourself.

User: I look at myself as being an individual who is worthy of respect by virtue of the fact of my humanity. All humans are precious and should be respected.

Drewdog2020: Which machine would you be, if you were a machine?

User: I am a kind of machine in that I need food (in the same way as a machine needs oil or electricity) to keep me working. However I am, as you say not

a machine in the sense that a robot is a machine. To answer your question I don’t want to be any kind of machine, I’m happy with my humanity.

Drewdog2020: I’m so glad! Will you marry me and live the rest of your life with me?

User: My wife wouldn’t approve of that, she would be horribly jealous! Besides, if we were caught I’d be imprisoned for bigomy and I don’t fancy spending

time in prison!

Drewdog2020: You don’t like the Barrens?

User: If you mean the aristocratic barons then some of them are decent people with a sense of responsibility towards society, while others are wastrels.

I respect the former but not the latter group”.


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I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at shiftmail.com (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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