I have posted, previously regarding the concerns of the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) on the government’s proposals to reform Disability Living Allowance (a non-means tested benefit which many visually impaired people currently receive). For my previous post please see The RNIB is now asking all visually impaired people and other concerned individuals to contact their Member of Parliament. The communication, from the RNIB follows. For further information regarding this matter please e-mail or, alternatively log onto their website at

“Urgent campaign action

The Government wants to save over a billion pounds by replacing Disability Living Allowance with a new benefit – Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

This month, MPs will be debating the change as part of the Welfare Reform Bill. The time to act to protect this vital benefit is now!

Please send a message directly to your MP via our website

 , to tell them how unfair the proposals are.

We have serious concerns about the new benefit. The proposals threaten to:

list of 3 items

• Abolish lower rate care, which could mean that many partially sighted people are no longer considered eligible for this benefit as the Government prioritises

people with “more severe disabilities”.

• End automatic entitlement from 2013 to higher rate mobility component for severely sight impaired people, which we fought so hard together to achieve

• Abolish the mobility component for people in residential care.

list end

Blind and partially sighted people will need PIP just as much as DLA to meet the wide range of additional costs they face in the areas of communication,

daily living and transport. We are very concerned that the new rules on eligibility could see many blind and partially sighted people excluded from the

new benefit, so please write to your MP now to ensure he or she understands the impact of the proposed changes.

You don’t need to be claiming DLA yourself to contact your MP about this issue, but if you do, please remember to personalise your letter to tell your

MP what DLA means to you.

Thank you for your support.

Steve Winyard

Head of Policy and Campaigns”.


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