I have blogged, previously regarding the advocacy, by the neo-Nazi parties of eugenic measures (I.E. the use of forced sterilisation and/or killing to rid the population of what the far-right perceive as being unproductive disabled individuals who place a financial burden on society while contributing nothing in return), (for links to my earlier posts please see the foot of this post). I recently came across “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp, the web editor for the British National Party’s website. This publication is sold by the BNP’s shop, Excalibur so it can be deduced that the party is supportive of the ideas expounded by Kemp.

In essence the author argues that the white race is responsible for the overwhelming majority of progress whether scientific or cultural and that civilisations such as the Romans and Greeks declined once racial mixing (mixing between whites and non-whites occurred). Kemp contends that immigration and race mixing will destroy the white race and the civilisation which flows from it.

Turning to the issue of eugenics and, in particular the Nazi’s murder of people with disabilities under the Action T-4 Programme Kemp writes as follows   


In 1938, a German father by the name of Knauer wrote to Hitler asking that his child, born blind, retarded and with one arm and one leg, be granted a mercy

death, or euthanasia. The case so moved Hitler that he ordered his personal physician to establish if the claims were true, and if so, that the child be

granted euthanasia. This Knauer case was to be the start of a legal euthanasia program, the first in Western civilization since the times of the Spartans

and early Romans, who had also engaged in mercy killings of severely retarded and deformed children.

In all, some 5,000 retarded and deformed children were granted euthanasia by the German government before the end of the war – with each case being individually

reviewed by a specially appointed committee. The policy of administering euthanasia to retarded and deformed children was then also extended to incurably

insane adults. Thanks to the German habit of keeping meticulous records, the exact number of incurably insane adults granted euthanasia is known: 70,273.

Although the adult euthanasia project was conducted in secret, it was impossible to conceal such things from the German public, and by 1941, news of the

mercy killings had been leaked. Growing public pressure on the Nazi government forced the abandonment of the program in that year”. (see

Kemp’s description of the T-4 Programme is partial in the extreme. Firstly the use of the term “mercy death” or “mercy killing” was a figleaf employed by the Third Reich to disguise the real (underlying) driving force underpinning the Programme,namely the belief that disabled people where “useless eaters. Life unworthy of life”. There is ample evidence that the Nazi’s regarded people with disabilities as a burden on the Reich witness, for example the posters and films which showed the disabled as a burden which the healthy German population was forced to carry on its shoulders.

Secondly Kemp uses statistical data for the official period of the Programme (October 1939 to August 1941), however although the Programme ended due to public opposition in 1941 it continued unofficially (albeit with the full knowledge of the state) until the end of the war in 1945. The total number of people with disabilities killed during the entirety of the Programme is therefore at least 200,000 rather than the statistic of 70,273 sighted by Kemp.

Thirdly Kemp fails to acknowledge the deceitful manner in which the Programme was conducted. Parents where told that their disabled offspring where going into institutions where they would receive specialist care and attention (not that their children where going to their deaths). Again false death certificates where sent to the families of the deceased together with an urn containing random ashes of one of the many individuals who where murdered in the killing centres.

Fourthly there is no mention of the fact that those parents who refused to give up their children where threatened with being called up for war service.

Fifthly Kemp fails to acknowledge how the list of conditions which (in the view of the Nazis) warranted so-called “mercy killings” expanded to include not only those with severe mental disabilities but also blind or death individuals.

In short Kemp underplays the cruelty of the T-4 Programme. Far from being a measure aimed at relieving the suffering of the chronically ill it was, in point of fact an extreme form of social Darwinism predicated on the idea that the disabled placed an unsustainable burden on the pure German race which must, at all costs be eradicated. Indeed the murder of the disabled paved the way for the “Final Solution” under which approximately 6 million Jews where killed.

Kemp’s downplaying of the T-4 Programme fits in with his view (expressed in the same chapter) that the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis has been exaggerated. According to Kemp revisionist historians have shown that the numbers killed, in the concentration camps have been overplayed. This is propaganda masquerading as history as no historian of any merit questions that Jews where deliberately liquidated, on a massive scale by the Third Reich.

For the BNP to promote this work says a great deal about their attitude to racial minorities and people with disabilities. It says that they view the killing of people with disabilities and Jews as of little importance and that there are large numbers of people, in the BNP who would like to go down the road trodden by Hitler.



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