I wrote recently concerning the terrible customer service offered by freeparking.co.uk, (for my previous posts please see https://kevinmorris101.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/poor-customer-service-from-freeparking-co-uk-follow-up/). In those posts I explained how, on 26 February I purchased a domain, from Freeparking, however despite having had my bank account debited the domain was still showing (on the Freeparking site) as being available! Well all is explained in an e-mail from Freeparking which I received yesterday in which the company inform me that my domain did not register. This is breathtaking given that they debited my account and sent me written confirmation of having done so. As you can imagine I’ve asked for a full refund and I won’t be touching Freeparking with a bargepole in future.


I’m hopping mad. Indeed I’m so annoyed by the whole catalogue of errors that I’ve written to Freeparking’s General Manager, Dickie Armour as follows

“Dear Mr Armour,


I am writing to you in your capacity as the General Manager of the

company with responsibility for


I would be grateful

if you could please provide me with an explanation for the terrible

customer service which I have experienced in my dealings with



I am registered blind and use screen reading software (Jaws which

converts text into speech and braille allowing me to read my

computer’s screen). On Saturday 26 February I completed a registration

form. However my access software was not able to detect the check box

and/or button on which it is necessary to click in order to confirm

that you accept Freeparking’s terms and conditions. Consequently I

submitted a support ticket requesting assistance in completing my

registration. On 1 March I received the following response from

Freeparking Support

“The status of support ticket 121546 has been updated


Updated By: Support Staff

Update Comment: Dear Kevin,


The site may not be compatible and has not been updated for yonks.


The only thing I can suggest is that it is not a button, but a box that

needs to be checked with a tick.


Because of the fully automated process, I cannot accept the terms for you.


Many Apologies.



FP Support”.


Given that I had explained that owing to my visual impairment I was

not able to complete the registration process the above reply is

utterly disgraceful. Here in the UK there is the Equalities Act (which

replaced the Disability Discrimination Act)

. This legislation places an obligation on providers of goods and

services to make “reasonable adjustments” in the manner in which they

provide said goods and services. Such a reasonable adjustment would

have been for Freeparking Support to have adopted a helpful attitude

when dealing with my request for assistance rather than brushing me

off with the excuse that, due to the process being automated they are

unable to assist me. I am aware that the head office of Freeparking is

in the USA and that the Equalities Act does not apply there, however

the company is (almost certainly) caught by the Americans with

Disabilities Act and should make reasonable adjustments irrespective

of the location of it’s customers.


I was, as it happens able to complete the registration process with

the assistance of my wife who is fully sighted. However this does not

detract from the terrible level of customer service furnished by



Unfortunatley my problems with Freeparking have not been confined to

creating my account. I registered the domain



Freeparking and received a receipt stating that my payment of £9.99

had been accepted. However several days passed and I became

increasingly concerned that my domain was still showing as

“processing”. My disquiet increased when I searched Freeparking for


only to discover that it was still being advertised

for sale!

I duly contacted Freeparking Support to ascertain what was happening

and received the following response

“The status of support ticket 121648 has been updated


Updated By: Support Staff

Update Comment: Dear Sir,


I am afraid the domain did not register.


On re-purchase please pass on the last 4 numbers and name on CC so

accounts can action a refund.



FP Support”.


Firstly I am amazed that Support feel under no obligation to apologise

for the inconvenience I have been put to. This is common courtesy in

everyday interactions between individuals in society but, apparently

these nicities do not apply to your support staff.

Secondly I am astounded that no action was taken to inform me that I

did not, in fact own the domain


until I raised a

query with yourselves.


I would welcome a full explanation of what has gone wrong together

with a proper apology.


I hope that measures will be put in place to improve the woeful lack

of customer service in Freeparking.


I have no intention of using your services in future and I’ve

requested a full refund from Freeparking.


I look forward to receiving your response.


Yours Sincerely


Kevin Morris”.

If and when I receive a response I’ll post it here.


For anyone else who is experiencing problems in their dealings with Freeparking I’ve posted Mr Armour’s contact details below:


is handled in the UK by Fibranet Services Ltd. The General

Manager there is Dickie Armour. His contact details are:






Mobile: 07976 614043

Phone: 0845 363 1173



About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at shiftmail.com (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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