As I trawled through my spam folder yesterday I waxed lyrical on the joys of blogging. There are so many people out there concerned for my welbing. I’ve received offers of medicines reduced by 80 per cent (how can I refuse such a generous offer)! Again I’m amazed that the Ford motor company should show such an interest in my humble blog (well I assume that the messages advertising Spanish and Indian escorts are for a new variety of that trusty old ford escort produced by the Ford motor company, indeed what else could it be)!

Joking aside I’m impressed that WordPress is so efficient in separating the genuine comments from the spam. It is, in my experience over 90 per cent effective in sorting the wheat from the chaff so a big thanks to the people at WordPress!

Sometimes it is difficult to know how my posts have been taken. I’ve received quite a few comments from members and/or supporters of the British National Party (BNP) disagreeing with my portrayal of that organisation as neo-Nazi, however I’ve had rather less from others agreeing with me. I don’t for one moment think that this demonstrates widespread support for the BNP it is rather that those who agree with the position taken by a blogger are less inclined to voice their support for his/her position. What do others think? Am I right (I.E. are you more inclined to comment on a post with which you disagree than on one with which you are in agreement)?



About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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