As I stood waiting to board my tube train this evening a gentleman very kindly offered to assist me, an offer which I gratefully accepted. Once seated the gentleman proceeded to inform me that he was a born again Christian and that if I believed in God I could regain my sight.

I really don’t know why some people (by no means all of them religious) feel that they have the right to ram their views down your throat. I must confess that I couldn’t help reacting as follows. I’d noticed that the gentleman in question smelled strongly of smoke so I said “if you believe that God can help you to achieve anything, if you only have enough faith, have you thought of asking him to assist you in giving up smoking?” Some of you may feel that I am an ungrateful so-and-so  to address a person who had just helped me in such a manner. Perhaps I am, however I get fed up to the back teeth with people telling me that my disability is, somehow a problem and if I only have sufficient faith I will be whole once more!

This is not a rant against religious people or against those who simply want to help others out of the goodness of their hearts. I truly value the many generous offers of assistance which I receive on a regular basis, what I do not appreciate is persons who wish to ram their own views down my throat!

Rant over!



About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at shiftmail.com (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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