On 15 March I wrote about the joys of dog ownership, (please see Little did I think, as I blogged merrily away that, just three days later my special friend, Drew would be lying, lifeless in the vets.


On Wednesday evening Drew began being sick and developed the runs. At first it seemed as though it was a tummy bug which would clear up on its own given a few hours, however when Drew started passing blood we rushed her to our local vets. Drew seemed to be doing well as, when I called the vets on Thursday 17 March the receptionist informed me that Drew seemed a little brighter. On hearing those words my hopes rose and I and my family began looking forward to welcoming Drew home in a few days. However, when I called the surgery, on the morning of Friday the 18 March I received the devestating news that Drew had died, in the night owing to a heart attack brought on by her body having been weakened as a result of Drew having eaten something toxic.


My wife and I visited Drew, in the vets yesterday. I softly stroked her back and tickled her belly and said goodbye to my dear old friend. My wife and I were full of tears as we contemplated our much loved friend lying still and cold on the table before us.


I’m glad I visited Drew, for the last time to say my goodbyes. I think I would have bitterly regretted it afterward if I haden’t gone to be with my beloved Drew one last poignant time. However although it was Drew’s body lying before me the life force, the spirit which lived within her had departed and left a shell behind. The Drew who wakened me in the morning by wagging her tail, against the bedroom door as she entered was dead and gone. However all three of us (my wife, daughter and I) have happy memories, tinged with a great deal of sadness of Drew bounding around the park (as I write I can almost hear her paws running happily through the leaves). I recollect hearing Drew’s tail, in my daughter’s room banging on the floor as my daughter gave Drew a good morning stroke. So many memories.


On thursday morning I took my daughter to school while my wife took Drew to the vets. Subsequently my wife told me how, on the walk from the bus stop to the vets Drew had (despite only being on the lead rather than on the harness) taken my wife around a post as any good guide dog would do. My wife is not blind, however Drew remained a true, much loved faithful friend and guide dog to the end.


She has left a hole in our lives. Of course we will move on and, in time I will (almost certainly) get another guide dog but the memories, both happy and sad will never leave us. Given the passing of time it will, I’m sure be the memories of Drew gambling through the leaves which fill our thoughts rather than her last hours of pain.


Goodbye my dear old friend.




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  1. catherine Morris says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Kevin! She was such a lovely dog.

  2. carole farrow says:

    Hello Kevin, I have just recieved the sad news about Drew.I ca hardly believe that such a wonderfully vibrant,playful spirit has gone.
    I am typyng this with tears,for Drew and for you.
    Nothing can take away the pain now.I know that you werelucky to have had Drew.
    I also know that Drew was very lucky to have had you.
    Lots of love,

    Aunty Carole. xxx

  3. John Furzer says:

    Kevin, I was so sorry to hear the tragic news about poor Drew. She was such a loving, gentle and affectionate dog. So much more than just a working companion, she was an integral member of your family and as such, her passing must be so much harder to bear. Beata and I send you all our heartfelt sympathy and hope that in time the pain of her loss may be replaced with the joy of all the wonderful memories you have of her. Until such time, we wish you all our love and best wishes, John.

    • Thanks John. Drew was indeed an integral member of the family. We are all missing her very much. Yesterday we all walked in the park, near our home, a place Drew loved to run in. It was very emotional. Thanks so much for your and Beata’s good wishes. Kind regards, Kevin

  4. Vicky Peacock says:

    Hi Kevin, I have just come into work today having been away for a few days and just read the devastating news about Drew in my work emails. I am so very sorry to hear such sad and awful news. Your blog is wonderful and so true of her lovely spirit. She was a great companion when it was just the two of you but then adapted so well to when you all became a family. I shall remember that very hot afternoon working out routes around the local park in amongst the dinosaurs! My thoughts are with you and your family, very best wishes, Vicky Peacock.

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