This afternoon my daughter and I went for lunch in the Beulah Spa, a Harvester restaurant situated on the intersection of Beulah and Spa Hill in London SE19.


The food is reasonable quality for what you pay. I had a mixed grill, a chocolate tart and a pint of Fosters while my daughter tucked into steak and chips followed by vanilla icecream. At a little over £23 it was good value especially as you can help yourself, to the salad cart as many times as you choose at no extra charge.


As regards service, on this occasion we received our food and drinks relatively promptly, however I have visited the restaurant on other occasions and endured a protracted wait prior to anyone coming to take my order. In addition one is sometimes left waiting for long periods before the drinks/food arrives.


In general the staff are polite and some of the delay in service can be explained by them being run off their feet. However I’ve visited this restaurant when it has not been particularly busy and have endured a long wait prior to getting served.


Today was my first day visiting the Harvester without my guide dog, Drew who sadly died on 18 March. My daughter and I lamented the fact that any food we dropped would no longer be hoovered up by our trusty old friend (who needs a vacuum cleaner when you have a labradoor …)!


As a blind person I’ve always been made to feel welcome when visiting the Harvester with my former guide dog, Drew and her predecessor Zeff. Braille readers can ask for a braille menu which is great as it enables me to choose my food without having to rely on sighted assistance.


For details on how to reach the Beulah Spa please visit


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  1. snail1966 says:

    Thanks for the article Kevin, which on a personal note was quite timely. My dad, who passed away 19 years ago today, first encountered my (then) local Harvester, next to Falconwood Station in south east London, in the last 2 years or so of his life, and it became a favourite of his. I went there with him a couple of times and then on a few occasions later on. I think the last time was for a friend’s birthday but that must have been about 15 years ago now!

    The location is wedged between the station, a local parade of shops and the busy A2 motorway, but close to the tranquility of Oxleas Wood and Shooter’s Hill (do Harvester like wooded hillside locations? – cf Beulah Hill!). One thing that always amused me was the injunction that you were allowed only one visit to the salad bar, but I recall sneaking in a second one time when I realised I’d forgotten to avail of my favourite blue cheese sauce! I also remember the pay phone in the entrance where you could phone a taxi for a minimum 50 pence charge – something that is surely long gone with developments in communication technology over the intervening years!

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for this Brian. Its interesting to hear about the experiences of you and your late dad in your then local Harvester. I know that Harvester always tries to portray itself as serving traditional British food and attempts to hark back to some rustic idyl so perhaps that is why, as you say they like wooded locations!
      Kind regards,

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