On Sunday afternoon I popped into my local Wetherspoon, the Postal Order for a roast beef dinner and a pint or two of Fosters (I know I can hear all you real ale lovers tut tutting already at the thought of someone voluntarily drinking Fosters)!

The Postal Order is, as with all Wetherspoons good value for money. For £6.59 I enjoyed a tasty roast beef dinner plus a pint of Fosters. I tried to be good but, in the end gluttony won the day and I also succumbed to the apple and pear crumble which (if memory serves me correctly) set me back by the grand total of £1.99 (don’t you just love those retailers who, instead of rounding up to the nearest pound choose, instead to round down by one penny!

As you will have gathered by now I like Wetherspoons because it is possible to eat out there without breaking the bank and (just as importantly if not more so) the food is reasonable quality).

The Postal Order derives it’s name from the fact that the premises used to be used as  the main post office/sorting office in the Crystal Palace area. While it is a fairly large establishment the Postal Order is small enough to retain the feel of a “local” unlike some of the huge supermarket-like Wetherspoons which one comes across, for example in central London.

As someone who is disabled I’ve always found the staff very helpful. It is impossible for me, as a blind person to carry pints safely back to my table and the staff are always very happy to do this for me.

If you are in search of a few pints and a reasonable quality meal which won’t leave you needing to take out a second mortgage then the Postal Order is well worth a visit. While you won’t get the conviviality of a traditional local the pub is, as I said above small enough to retain the semblance of a local and (if you are lucky enough to obtain one of the alcove seats) it is possible to be relatively secluded and enjoy some peace and quiet assuming of course that, that is what you want)!

For details of the Postal Order please visit


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