Yesterday’s issue of the Newsletter contains a link, to a review of a film entitled “Blinky”, about an artificially intelligent robot, called Blinky.


A boy who’s parents are constantly arguing sees an advertisement which promises that Blinky can bring families closer together. He persuades his parent’s to purchase the robot, however the bickering continues and the boy takes out his frustration, at the situation by maltreating Blinky. Eventually the gentle robot has enough, snaps and murders the family.


Blinky explores a number of issues. How humans react under acute pressure and, in addition how a true AI (artificial intelligence) would react in such circumstances. While your robot, Roomba vacuum cleaner is not going to turn into the terminator (accept, perhaps in your wildest nightmares) Blinky raises disturbing questions not only about the future of artificial intelligence but, more importantly about humanity as a whole.


For the review please visit


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