A small robotics company, Robotics Automotive LTD has announced the launch of Fido, a robot which is designed to replace the conventional guide dog.

Fido comes in a wide variety of sizes although (as with flesh and blood guide dogs) most of the robodogs resemble golden or black labradoors. Indeed so life-like is Fido that real dogs have been known to approach him, in the park for a game of chase the ball!

Fido works via a car battery so, as you can imagine is quite clunky. Alternatively it is possible to feed him pedigree chum which, by means of a highly developed motor he converts into electricity which provides the energy enabling him to guide his/her owner.

There are a few teething problems. Most notably Fido has an unfortunate tendency to burst into flames if it rains. Indeed so concerned is the Association of British Insurers at this aspect of the design that they have issued a memo, to their members strongly advising them not to insure Fido.

Fido is very life-like and comes with his own pooper scooper. This is not, in fact needed but, to keep up the pretence that he is a real dog Fido can (optionally) be programmed to, periodically pass tiny pelats so as to create the elusion that he is doing what all good canines do best …

Fido currently retails at a cost of £20,000. For full details please e-mail


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  1. John says:

    Damn! I had my chequebook at the ready to get me one of these fantastic new techno doggies, great for leaving at home when you’re at work without worrying about them; great if you don’t have a garden and no vet bills!

    and then I saw the e-mail address -Doh!

    • If you purchase the robo cat at the same time as Fido you can have both for the amazing price of only £25,000. The only problem, Fido has a tendency to eat robo cat …!

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