Earlier today (2 April 2011) I blogged regarding the pros and cons of decriminalising prostitution in the UK, (please see The following post, from Vicky Collins Online entitled “Prostitution in Perspective” ( is thought provoking and well worth reading.

Collin’s has visited a number of brothels in Navada (the only state, in the United States in which prostitution is legal. According to Collin’s many of the ladies engaged in prostitution are articulate and intelligent, they have goals in life and are working as sex workers in order to obtain money thereby enabling them to achieve their aims, for example to enter nursing.  

A number of the comments in respect of Collin’s article are of interest, in particular one made by a former sex worker.

Others argue that Collin’s and other similar proponents of legalised prostitution are looking at the industry through rose tinted spectacles. Prostitution is, they contend wholly undesirable. It exploits and dehumanises both sex workers and their client’s as users of prostitute’s come to see sex workers as mere sex objects rather than human beings. In this perspective clients should be criminalised (as in Sweden) by making it an offence to pay for sex with a prostitute. For an exposition of this viewpoint please visit


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