An interesting interview with the Director of Transcendant Man, Barry Ptolemy (

I haven’t seen the film as yet but I fully intend to do so.

The interview raises a number of controversial questions as, indeed does the film. Most notably (to my mind at least) is the desire of Kurzweil to recreate (bring back to life) his father who died some 40 years ago. Asuming for the sake of argument that this is, in fact possible I wonder whether Kurzweil’s father would (given the choice) wish to be recreated? We are treading on very dangerous ground here and need to tread with extreme care lest we fall and do irreparable damage.

Again the comparing of Kurzweil to Christ makes me feel uncomfortable. Many figures in history (admittedly many of whom had far less benign intentions than Kurzweil) have seen themselves (or been viewed by others) as offering a comprehensive blue print for solving the world’s problems, however the outcome of their ideas have (often) had unforeseen and (in some instances) disastrous consequences).


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