Over the Easter break I visited my mum, in the city of my birth, Liverpool. While there I revisited many old haunts including Woolton Woods, a spot which I’d frequently visited with my grandfather.

As I walked with my mum and her dog, Lily through the woods I thought of how I’d strolled in that self-same spot with my grandfather. I recollect feeling acorns and conkers under my feet, picking them up and asking my grandfather about them. I remember being amazed that the tiny acorn which I held in the palm of my hand could grow into a mighty oak like the trees which towered above my grandfather and I as we walked through the woods. To me there is something almost magical about woods. I love the smell of the plants, the feel of the leaves as they crunch underfoot and the sounds of the many small creatures as they scurry about in the undergrowth.

My mum and I paused in our walk to enjoy the walled garden which forms part of the park. It is a lovely spot full of flowers and the sounds of birds. A clock surrounded by flowers adds a nice touch to the garden and was one of the reasons for me wishing to visit the garden. Sadly the hands are now missing (I do hope that the Council will replace them), however this did not spoil our enjoyment of the garden.

We walked out of the woods, into Camp Hill which many historians believe forms the site of a former Iron Age settlement. However no remains of such a settlement have, to my knowledge survived the centuries.

Woolton Village itself is well worth a visit. Quarry Street contains picturesque 19th-century cottages. The cottages where constructed to house the workers who extracted sandstone from the local quarry hence the name of the street. The sandstone extracted from Woolton quarries can be seen in many Liverpool buildings and acts as a permanent reminder (together with the name Quarry Street) of the industrial past of Woolton.

I often wonder what the ghosts of those quarrymen would think of the significant prices which their former abodes today command. Perhaps they would smile at the thought of homes built for industrial workers now being highly prized residences.

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