“The End of my world”, by Emma Jackson is a true account of how the author was forced into prostitution at the age of only 13.

Emma grows up in a loving home, in Yorkshire. Her parents own a local store and Emma wants for nothing in terms of love or, indeed material comforts.

Emma takes to going into the nearest town with her friends and it is Joanne, one of Emma’s friends who introduces the author to two young Asian boys. Emma likes both boys who are well dressed and charming and, over the coming months is introduced by them to older Asian men including Ali and his brother. Ali introduces Emma to alcahol and pot and she is, gradually drawn ever deeper into the lives of Ali and his associates.

Emma meets (again through Joanne) another Asian called Tariq. He seems charming and pays great attention to Emma teaching her how to play snooker while showing great patience when she makes mistakes during the course of the game. As with Ali Tariq plies Emma with alcahol and pot and drives a wedge between the author and her family. Emma is warned by one of her friends, Cloe that there is something sinister about Tariq. Additionally Emma’s friend, Sophie tells Emma how she has seen Joanne introducing very young girls to Asians in the town’s shopping mall, however the author chooses to pay no heed to these warnings and is, as a consequence brutaly raped by Tariq while his friends take photographs.

Following the rape Emma tells no one and the sexual abuse continues and intensifies. Tariq sells Emma’s body to other associates and she becomes a teenage prostitute. At first Emma is terrified of Tariq but gradually starts to challenge his authority. Matters come to ahead and Emma is threatened by Tariq (cars with tinted windows drive along her street and she receives threatening texts from Tariq).

Emma forgets her mobile at home and her mother discovers the truth of what has been happening by finding the number of Tariq’s driver, Jacko on Emma’s phone. She contacts him and Jacko blurts out the truth. The police are called in but, following threats Emma withdraws her statement and no further action is taken against Tariq.

For a while Emma is closely watched by her loving family, however she becomes bored and makes contact with an Asian boy she had known previously by the name of Ahmed. She believes that Ahmed isn’t like the other members of the gang, however she is sadly mistaken and is gang raped in the home of an older Asian man.

Ahmed and a number of others involved in the rape are arrested, however due to a lack of evidence the case against them is dropped.

Emma and her parents leave the UK for Greece. Everything appears to be OK for a while but it soon becomes apparent that Emma can not run away from the demons in her head. She and her parents return to the UK and (gradually) Emma comes to terms with what has happened to her and starts to assist other victims of sexual exploitation.

Throughout her narrative Emma makes it clear that most Asians do not sexually abuse young girls. The fact is that the people she came into contact with where Asian but the majority of these individuals did not abuse her. Emma now has an Asian boyfriend and is at pains to ensure that her story is not used to portray the whole Asian community as paedophiles.

Whether Joanne knew what Tariq had in mind for Emma from the start is never clear. The author prefers to think that Joanne was ignorant of his plans but only Joanne herself can answer that question.

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  1. Choco-3 says:

    I never even knew about this book until I saw it on BBC 3 on exposed:groomed for sex … It’s unbelievable what they done to her

  2. MLR says:

    makes me feel sick to my stomach, feel weak.
    Wish I could do Something to help vunerable people before & after

  3. nicola says:

    Im a youth worker and am doing a project with a group of young girls focusing on exploitation as they are at high risk . after reading this book i was wondering if i was able to get in contact with emma and see if she could help with a session. The girls would benefit so much with having someone who knows what they are going through . If anyone can help, please get in touch ,it would be massively appreciated ,

  4. Stu says:

    I happened across the BBC3 documentary by chance as it echoed a couple of scenes in a book I’m writing. After watching the interview with Emma I felt compelled to get hold of a copy of her story. Having read it, I’ve re-written huge chunks of my story based on her experiences. Her writing wasn’t elegant or sophisticated, but had a simplicity that made her storytelling all the more powerful.

  5. kelly says:

    i have red the book n i feel for her i wish i was there to do somthing for as i was reading the book i felt i was there with her it made me feel sick n hope nothing like this happend to my childern

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