This is a review of “Working Girl; my twenty years in the business” by Eliana. The author relates how she entered the world of prostitution, provides an account of the workings of the sex work industry and explains how her work, as a sex worker impacts on her personal life.

The author is the daughter of a single mother (her father left when she was very young). At the age of 12 uncle Nick comes to stay. Eliana is often left alone with him while her mother visits a friend. One day uncle Nick asks Eliana to masturbate him. This becomes a regular event and he gives Eliana money in return for masturbating him. One day Eliana’s mother finds the money and although the author refuses to tell her how she obtained so much cash uncle Nick leaves soon afterwards so one has the strong impression that Eliana’s mother has a strong suspicion concerning how her daughter obtained a significant amount of money.

At the age of 13 the author starts to have sex with boys. The sessions often take place in the graveyard and (fortunately) Eliana does not get pregnant or become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

On reaching 15 the author starts working, as a prostitute with two older girls on the streets of London. She is caught by the police and begs them not to tell her mother that she has been working as a prostitute and although they take her name and address the authorities fail to inform Eliana’s mother of her daughter’s work as a prostitute. One wonders whether had the police told her mother what was happening would Eliana have continued to work in the sex industry. Presumably her mother would have hit the roof and there is a strong possibility that the author would have stopped working as a sex worker.

Eliana graduates from working as a street prostitute to being employed in a sauna and as an escort. She quickly learns that she can earn a great deal of money as a sex worker and comes to depend on the lifestyle which cash can buy including nice clothes.

As pointed out Eliana relishes the money which her work as a prostitute generates. However she also covers at great length the downside of working as a sex worker. As an escort Eliana is sent to a flat where gangsters, high on Crack rape her. She has no option but to submit as the men have guns. At the end of her ordeal she runs out crying her shoes in her hands. Again she tells of one client who liked to dominate her. On occasion she accidentally steps on his glasses and breaks the arm. He “flips” and follows Eliana and her friend back to the friend’s home and it is only due to the intervention of her friend’s partner that a very nasty incident is avoided. Later in her career the same client manages to track Eliana down to the sauna where she is working at that time. She foolishly starts to see him again, however he attempts to kill or at least severely injure her and that is, of course the end of any further contact.

Eliana describes the various services which her client’s ask for. I won’t go into them here (you can read the book to learn more).

The author provides an honest description of the impact of her work on her personal life. Unlike most mothers working girls can not tell their children what they do for a living and often find themselves lying to family and neighbours about their work. The author feels guilty about not being able to be honest with her children and would like to leave prostitution. By writing “Working Girl” she hopes that this will provide her with sufficient funds to enable her to pay off her credit card and other debts and leave sex work.

Drugs tend to go with sex work and the author admits to having used cocaine. It is very easy for working girls to become addicted to drugs as many clients take them and encourage the girls to participate.

One of the saddest parts of the book concerns Eliana’s portrayal of her relationship with Max, a boyfriend who beat her and allowed a crack dealer to rape Eliana. She is, thankfully now with a partner who treats her much better and one can only wish her well and hope that she finds happiness.

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  2. Ian Temple says:

    This excellent review of Working Girl by Eliana captures the essence of her story. Her life has had ups and downs but is certainly not a misery tale. It is worth reading because Eliana qualified as a nurse but chose to be a working girl. She certainly wasn’t forced or trafficked. Her story is not the glamorised froth of the Belle de Jour genre. It is a compelling read.

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