Yesterday (3 May) I met my first feret. I was enjoying my lunch in Trafalgar Square when the lady from Guide Dogs (who was assisting me to navigate new routes) told me that a feret was having it’s photograph taken with tourists! I approached and was able to stroke the animal. I don’t know what I thought a feret would feel like, however I was surprised at how soft it felt. The texture of it’s coat reminded me somewhat of that of a cat but the fact that the feret had recently fallen in the fountain may have affected the feel of the animal’s coat!

Later I looked up ferets on the internet and was interested to learn that they are kept by large numbers of people as pets. Apparently they sleep for roughly 18 hours a day (I know some people like that)! but when they do awake the animals are extremely active and love to play. I’d be interested to hear from any feret owners out there about their experiences of keeping ferets. From my very limited experience (stroking one feret) they seem to be quite friendly and docile creatures.

In the evening I met an old friend for  a drink in the Railway Bell, a pub situated very close to Gipsy Hill station. After a pint or two we went on to the Westow House which is situated more or less opposite Crystal Palace park. It was our first time to visit the Westow and it was a pleasant experience.

I like the comfortable sofas in which one can relax right back. Indeed they are so comfortable that it would be quite easy to take a cat nap there! The beer was good (we both enjoyed a pint of Adnums) and while neither of us ate I did notice that the pub has an extensive menu so next time I’m in the vicinity I may well try out some of the dishes on offer.

The establishment has an open fire which must be very welcome on a cold winter’s evening, however it being summer there was no fire!

You can find details of the Westow House at


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