This morning I was subjected to the fals “hale fellow well met” variety of customer service which seems to be increasingly common in today’s society. On contacting my bank I was asked whether “I can call you Kevin this morning?” I have a quirky sense of humour so the first thought which sprang to mind was “I didn’t know that my surname was this morning”. The second thought which came into my head was “why should the lady only call me Kevin this morning? surely I am (and shall remain) Kevin irrespective of whatever day of the week itt happens to be?”! Anyway I decided not to share my humour with the bank’s customer services representative and answered that I was, indeed content for her to call me by my first name. I could go on and on regarding the falsity of such phony friendliness, however I shall spare you my ramblings on this subject and pass, instead to the subject of my new guide dog, Trigger who arrived today.

Trigger is a very bouncy 17-month-old brindle labrador retriever. He is wonderful as although he loves to bounce around (when not working), once in work mode he becomes very serious and concentrates on the job in hand (guiding yours truly) safely through the busy streets of London.

My daughter was extremely good. She was very excited at the prospect of meetingTrigger, however, on the advice of the guide dog trainer I asked her not to pay any attention to Trigger until he had stopped bouncing around and was in calm mode. She contained her natural excitement and only greeted our new four-legged friend once his excitement had subsided.

Today we only walked as far as my local supermarket as the trainer wanted to concentrate, on the first day on getting Trigger settled into his new home. However tomorrow we will go further afield, to the local station which will assist in developing a strong working relationship between Trigger and I.

I’ll keep you posted on the training.


About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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  1. Valda.DeDieu says:


    I was smiling as soon as I saw the headline, “My First Day With Trigger.” Trigger sounds wonderful! I look forward to his and your rambling walks and adventures!


    • Valda, thanks for your comment. I have a lot of smiling to do as people rib me regarding Trigger’s name. Not only is there the famous horse, of the same name in the Roy Rogers film but there is also Trigger in the well known British Commedy series Only Fools and Horses! Trigger is a lovely dog and I am bonding with him already. Best Kevin

  2. Peter says:

    i think you should have shared your humour on second thought

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