Yesterday I must have looked like some kind of amateur spy as I walked along, my walky talkie on full view. In fact I was wired for sound in order to keep in touch with the guide dog trainer. Over the previous few days my new guide dog, Trigger had been distracted by Nicola, the lady who had trained him. During our training sessions he would, periodically look back at her thereby breaking his concentration. The idea behind the walky talkies was for Nicola to be able to keep in contact with me (and me with her) while, at the same time not letting Trigger know that she was present. It worked and the walk went extremely well with Trigger keeping up a good pace.


In the afternoon Trigger, the guide dog trainer, my wife, daughter and I all took Trigger for a run in the Lawns, a park in Upper Norwood. He was very excited to be let of his lead. In order to reinforce discipline I made Trigger sit, stay and lie down prior to releasing him. In addition I also called him, using a whistle and (on his running to me gave him a treat to reinforce his recall). Following the obedience Trigger had a lovely run in the wooded area of the Lawns which he thoroughly enjoyed as, indeed did all of us. During his free running I called him back, several times using the whistle which worked perfectly.


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  1. Valda.DeDieu says:


    Sounds like Trigger is doing wonderfully, and the entire family had a wonderful day! Keep us posted, Trigger has a bit of the eccentric to him! (Smiling)…

    Valda DeDieu

    • Valda, thanks for your comment. Trigger does indeed have a bit of the excentric about him. I am very lucky and happy to have been given him and I am enjoying the training, however I am extremely tired by the end of the day! Kevin

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