Today’s Independent carries an interesting article, drawn to my attention by a friend regarding cryonics. Cryonics entails the freezing of humans in the hope that, at some future date they can be revived and continue to live in whatever future society happens to exist at the time of their revival. Practioners of cryonics refer to their charges as “patients” rather than as dead bodies or corpses.

Obviously the practice of cryonics raises the question of whether it is possible for a frozen human to be revived at some point in the future. Even if it is possible to revive people at some future date would the person in question have suffered some deteriation in mental or physical capacities as a consequence of freezing? So who is for cryonics? I for one won’t be signing up just yet! Imagine being reborn into a future society perhaps many centuries hence with which one has little or nothing in common. No thanks. Well that is my immediate response but perhaps I should give it further consideration …

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