Yesterday evening (2 September 2011) I met up with a group of friends for a meal in the Sheesh Mahal Bangladeshi restaurant in Twickenham. The restaurant is about two minutes walk from Twickenham station which made it ideal for me getting home after the meal, (I arrived at Strawberry Hill station, not Twickenham as I met a friend, prior to the meal for a drink in two local pubs, the Prince of Wales and the Rifleman) both of which are, in their own way good pubs.

Returning to the Sheesh Mahal, I enjoyed the restaurant’s speciality, the house Thali which I can recommend well, actually I’d give it perhaps 7 out of ten stars. While the prawns tasted delicious the vegetables where a little salty for my taste. In addition I have received bigger portions in other Indian restaurants than those provided in the Sheesh Mahal.

The two glasses of the restaurant’s red house wine where good (I can’t comment any further as I am, as a rule a drinker of white rather than red wine).

I hate to bring up the subject of guide dogs, however as a guide dog owner I frequently have difficulty in persuading restaurants to allow me in with my guide dog, Trigger. The Sheesh Mahal was, unfortunately no exception to this rule. At first they refused admitance, however after an explanation of the law (the Disability Discrimination Act, now the Equalities Act) the staff did permit me to enter with my guide dog. At the end of the evening I received a very polite good night from the restaurant’s staff which indicates, I hope that any other guide dog owners will not face the issues which confronted me when I first entered the Sheesh Mahal.

For further information on the restaurant please visit the following link


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