On my way home from work this evening I popped into the Sparrowhawk, a newly opened pub in Crystal Palace which occupies the spot previously occupied by the Hollybush pub.


I only ever visited the Hollybush on one occasion and it struck me as a fairly typical local in which one could enjoy a pint and, perhaps some nuts or crisps but which did not offer meals. In contrast the Sparrowhawk offers a variety of dishes including roasted cod the dish which yours truly plumped for. The cod was delicious but then again it should have been given that it cost £15 for a fairly large piece of cod with a smattering of vegetables and rice. Including a pint of lager the total cost of the evening was £19.50 (£15 for the cod and £4.50 for the larger).


The staff were polite and attentive and my meal arrived in about 20 minutes. As for the atmosphere, the Sparrowhawk does not strike me as a local in which regulars will pop in and chat over a pint or two. Rather it comes across as a place in which people will go for a meal and, perhaps a couple of drinks before moving on to somewhere else. This evening the Sparrowhawk appeared fairly full, however I had no difficulty in obtaining a table to myself which indicates that it was, probably not as full as the Postal Order (the Whetherspoons which is situated a two minute walk from the Sparrowhawk).


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