Possible futures – the dangers of synthetic viruses

Today I read a thought provoking post regarding the possible future dangers of synthetic viruses. In the future companies may infect the employees of their competitors with viruses which cause them to become less productive and lazy. In addition many cures will be advertised via social media bringing benefits to society. However the downside to the proliferation of cures which can be easily downloaded and printed out, from a DNA printer and injested will be harmful viruses pretending to be benign. Such viruses may be printed out, using a DNA printer, injested and cause brain malfunctions together with other harmful side-effects. At present such speculations are in the realm of science fiction, however they will, in the view of some experts come to pass. Just as people now have to guard against computer viruses we may, in the future have to protect ourselves against synthetic viruses. For the post please visit http://blogs.computerworld.com/19409/dna_hackers_synthetic_biology_weaponized_virus_0day_exploit_to_infect_your_brain


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