The Cobo Ereader

I am not, as a rule a great watcher of television, however yesterday evening (4 February) I was channel hopping when my attention was caught by a lady describing the Cobo Ereader. I don’t recollect which channel it was (it was, almost certainly a shopping channel which, as a rule I avoid like the plague) however, on this occasion I paused to listen. I am not in the market as I already own both an Amazon Kindle and an Ipod Touch (4th Generation) both of which allow blind people such as myself to read books with text to speech (or, in the case of Apple by what the company calls Voiceover).

Had I been in the market for an Ereader the Cobo would have been wholly useless as it does not support text to speech so would be about as much use to me as a wet paper bag in a thunder storm. It is extremely frustrating that while companies such as Apple go that extra mile by making their products accessible, companies such as Cobo make no such eforts. Both Amazon and Apple are (obviously) commercial organisations and there bottom line is profit, however both organisations manage to turn an extremely healthy profit while, at the same time managing to make their products more or less accessible. If Amazon and Apple can make the devices they sell accessible then why can not the company who make the Cobo Ereader do the same?

For my previous post on the accessibility of Apple’s Ibooks please visit the following link

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