Apple’s new Ipad can we find happiness through technology?

As I read the below article, from the Daily Mail regarding the launch of Apple’s new Ipad I felt physically sick. The piece describes people all over the world queuing for days on end to get their hands on Apple’s latest offering. That much used phrase “get a life” sprang unbidden into my mind. Do the queuers have no inner life? Are they trying to hide their inner emptiness by attempting to create an earthly paradise through the possession of the latest consumer gadgets?

In his poem, Aubade Larkin describes how we try to hide from “unresting death” via drink and spending time in the company of others. However when drink and people are not present we are faced with the stark reality that we will all, one day die. Is it to fanciful to speculate that some of those queuing to obtain the Ipad are attempting to escape from the ultimate truth that all men will, sooner or later die. When the technology is switched off that reality will remain “plain as a pike staff”.

Get out, listen to the birds and read a good book rather than spending hours queuing for consumer baubles.

I am no technophobe. I own Apple products and, on the whole think that they are great. As a blind person I value the accessibility which voiceover provides as it enables me to read books and navigate my device. However when all is said and done my devices are just that, products with a limited shelf life with no capacity to make me a happier or a better human being.


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