Savage Continent by Keith Lowe

Today’s Daily Mail contains an interesting article regarding a new book by the historian, Keith Lowe entitled “Savage Continent”. Lowe deals with the aftermath of World War II. His work covers the expulsion of Germans from Ukraine and other countries which came under the control of Soviet backed regimes. Some of these Germans where complicit in Nazi atrocities but many others where not.

The author deals with the humiliation of French women who had (or where alleged to have had) relationships with Germans. Many such ladies had their hair cut or where mutilated.

I haven’t read Lowe’s book but I will certainly be purchasing a copy. The issues he raises deserve to be heired. Nazi Germany committed unspeakable atrocities including the murder of at least six million Jews and this should never be forgotten. However the cruelties which followed the ending of the war also require to be studied as the good historian deals with facts without fear or favour.

Speaking personally I can not condemn the Jewish inmates of Nazi concentration camps who, on the liberation of the camps killed their former guards. Many people would have (with every justification) acted in precisely the same manner given the same circumstances. However the raping of women and girls can not be condoned nor can the forced expulsion of Germans from their native lands.


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