The non-issue (well it should be) which is dominating the media

One of the headlines in today’s Daily Mail reads “Wayne Rooney hooker Jenny Thompson has 1 night stand with celebrity dwarf Josh Bennett then mocks him”. I find headlines of this nature distasteful in the extreme. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less what two consenting adults do in private, whether companionship and/or sex (or, indeed both) are paid for is, in my view wholly irelevant, the central point is that consensual sex between consenting adults is purely a matter for the individuals concerned. I accept that the footballers concerned where in relationships with other people at the time of their “flings”, “affairs” (call them what you will) with the young lady in question, however the actions of the men are, surely a matter for their girlfriends/wives and should not be splashed all over the media.
Given all the pressing issues we as a society face it is bizarre (not to say absurd) that such stories should be making front page news. Paying for sex is not a crime in the UK and whatever one’s views as to the morality or otherwise of those who hand over cash for sexual services there are, surely far more pressing issues which should be commanding our attention.


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2 Responses to The non-issue (well it should be) which is dominating the media

  1. Marsden says:

    With all due respect, this is the Daily Mail we’re talking about. It’s one rung up from the Daily Express and two rungs up from the Sun.

    The news papers in the UK worth reading are:
    Financial Times
    A few good regional editions. (Like the Scotsman)

    You won’t find anything worthy to be used in an academic environment in the populist red tops or the Mail and Express.

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