The demise of the oldest profession

On April 2 2011 I wrote regarding the pros and cons of decriminalising the oldest profession (see According to an article in today’s Daily Mail, “Sex machines: How robotic prostitutes could turn a crime-ridden industry into a respectable ‘guilt free’ business”, machines will largely have replaced human prostitutes by 2050 thereby rendering arguments regarding the decriminalisation of prostitution largely redundant. Robot prostitutes will, according to researchers be so realistic by 2050 that many clients will prefer them to their traditional human counterparts which will lead to the demise of sex trafficking and the closure of many brothels staffed by humans. Sexual diseases will also be  greatly reduced in number as the sex machines of the future will be produced so as to make the transmission of STDs a thing of the past.
Predictions of future technological developments are often overblown and I suspect that flesh and blood sex workers will continue to ply their profession long after the year 2050 has come and gone.
One can envisage machines capable of generating sexual pleasure over and above the capacity of current gadgets such as vibrators and for clients looking purely for a sexual release such “robots” may well fulfill a need, however research shows that those who patronise prostitutes do so for many and varied reasons. Sex is, certainly a significant factor in leading clients to seek out sex workers, however loneliness,
the wish for someone to converse with is also a factor which should not be underestimated. The person desiring more than a quick release may well not be satisfied with mechanical alternatives to human prostitutes.
In the ideal world there would be no prostitution, however in the imperfect one in which we live there will, in my view always be, on the one hand those who want the services provided by sex workers and, on the other persons who are prepared to satisfy such desires, I can not forsee the “oldest profession”, in it’s human form simply melting away like snow when the sun begins to shine.

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