Man and Dog

What is that special bond between man and dog? To me it is almost impossible to express in words the connection which binds man to dog.
Earlier today I sat gently rubbing the ears of Trigger, a lovely brindle labrador retriever cross. He lay with his head against my leg, my fingers stroking his ears. I think that we were both in a kind of trance like state, Trigger falling asleep while my mind emptied itself of stress and I felt contentment flow through me.
It has been raining here, in London heavily today. Despite my sopping wet four-legged friend wanting to rub himself against my jeans it was a genuine pleasure for me to dry him off with an old bath sheet, his tail wagged as I toweled him down.
My guide dog gives so much to me. Traveling on London’s tube system every working day Trigger is frequently left with very little room in which to stand or lie down, however he never complains, he just finds a spot and makes himself as comfortable as possible until we can alight from the tube. Trigger has prevented me from colliding with obstacles on an almost daily basis and has prevented several nasty accidents. His uncomplaining devotion to me makes my heart fill up at times with emotion, there is a love which can not be easily expressed between the two of us.
Trigger is no saint or whatever the canine counterpart of a saint is! On getting out of bed in the morning I often hear him shake and the creak of springs. On going into my living room I find my friend standing there or lying in his bed as though he has no knowledge whatever as to why the cushions on my sofa are warm and the cushions covered in dog hairs! As those of you who have dogs will know it is impossible to express one’s displeasure to a dog unless you actually catch them in the act of performing a misdemeanour and Trigger is so wiley that I seldom catch him sleeping the sleep of the just (or the unjust) on my furniture. Be that as it may he is a lovely companion who has a very special place in my heart.


About kevinmorris101

I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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