Your Very Own Robotic Helper

Yesterday’s Kurzweil.Ai Newsletter has an article about a robot which can tidy up after you. The robot uses a camera to ascertain the layout of a room  and learns where to place objects (for example it comes to understand that a shoe’s correct home is not in the refridgerator)! I wonder how the robot would tidy up my dog? I have visions of it dragging him from his favourite rug at the side of my bed, pulling him through the hallway and into his dog basket which is located in my living room. Watch out my four-legged friend your days of slumbering when and where you like are coming to an end!
I have a little experience of how domestic robots operate. Some 5-6 years ago I invested in a Roomba (no not the dance lessons but a robotic vacuum cleaner). The robo cleaner moves around my home vacuuming and is roughly as effective as a reasonable quality manual carpet sweeper however, unlike the carpet sweeper I do not need to provide elbow grease as the Roomba is powered by a rechargible battery. Although the Roomba is great for doing a quick clean up the device is not nearly as effective as my traditional upright vacuum cleaner so I can not forever consign the traditional hoover to the back of my store room never to grace my carpets with it’s presence again. The other disadvantage to the Roomba is that it tends to get caught up with trailing wires and other objects so you can be relaxing on your sofa enjoying a cup of coffee only to be jerked upright by the crash of breaking glass as your robo friend brings that lovely laaver lamp crashing to the ground.
For the article on the robot which can tidy up after you please visit
For information on the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner please visit


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