When is a browser not a browser? when it’s an add-on!

The Daily Telegraph of 24 May contains an article regarding the launch, by Yahoo of an internet browser (Access)which, the piece claims will act as competition to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I am all in favour of competition if it produces browsers which are better able to return relevant search results etc. However the Telegraph’s article is misleading. Yahoo have not created a new web browser, they have launched a plug-in for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari all of which are of course existing browsers!
As a blind computer user I am cautious about downloading toolbars as these frequently prevent my screen reading software (Jaws which converts text into speech and braille) from operating correctly. The Yahoo add-on comes with the Yahoo toolbar and I will therefore not be downloading it for the reasons set-out above.
A sighted friend attempted to download the Yahoo add-on but gave up as it failed to install. Perhaps this is a temporary glitch and you will meet with greater success. In any event I wil not be downloading Yahoo’s Access plug-in.
For the Telegraph’s article please visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/9286857/Yahoo-enters-browser-market-with-Axis.html

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