UN Proposal to regulate the internet

Next week US law makers will examine plans to give the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union powers to regulate the internet. The proposal is backed by Russia, China, Brazil and India and will be voted on in December 2012.
Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed concerns regarding the proposal. In particular concern has been voiced that states which prohibit certain search terms are backing the proposal.
Internet freedom is of pivotal importance in a free society. We rightly cherish the liberty in democracies to read those books we choose without the fear that works disaprooved of by governments will be banned. Likewise the freedom to view content online is equally precious and requires to be defended. As a wiseman once remarked “the price of freedom is eternal vigilence”.
For the article visit http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/229653-house-to-examine-plan-to-let-un-regulate-internet


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