The First Time (Part 2)

Below is part 2 of “The First Time” part 1 appeared on 10 June 2012.
Becky, a graduate with a first class degree in english literature has
run up a credit card debt of £5,321. Believing that she has no other
choice Becky enters the world of escorting to clear her debts and
finds that it is not the glamorous profession portrayed in certain
media outlets.

Becky pulled open the car door and flung herself into Julie’s arms.
Julie hugged her friend close neither girl speaking for several
minutes. “God it was horrible. I can’t believe what I’ve just done up
there” Becky said eventually breaking the silence. Julie could think
of nothing that could serve as anything other than a wholly inane
response to Becky’s distress so kept her peace. “Julie are they all as
awful as Mike”! “Beks there are guys much, much worse than Mike Carter
believe me!” “I can’t believe that Jules!” “Becks I recently saw a
bloke who asked me to dress up in a school uniform and pretend to be
his 14-year-old daughter. He wanted me to call him daddy while he
…”. “You told him where to go didn’t you Jules?” Julie looked out of
the window into the dark night  for a long time without speaking.
“Lets get you home Becks” she said after what seemed an age.
Becky unlocked her front door and headed straight for the kitchen.
Opening the fridge she took out a bottle of wine (she neither knew nor
cared about it’s vintage, Becky just needed a drink). Grabbing a
coffee mug Becky filled it almost to the brim and took a huge swallow
leaving it almost half empty and Becky fighting for breath. Taking the
remainder of the wine with her she went into the bathroom and placing
the mug on the toilet lid began to run a bath.
She must have dozed because when Becky opened her eyes she found
herself leaning against the toilet bowl with water dripping over the
side of the blue bath tub. “ the thing” Becky muttered as she got
unsteadily to her feet. Reaching into the water Becky pulled the plug
out and, when the water level had dropped leaving the bath half full
she stepped into it. God it was hot but Becky didn’t care. Taking a
scrubbing brush she rubbed her skin until her body hurt all over and
the blood came sseeping out. Still Becky could smell the scent of
Mike’s aftershave. His smell seemed to have impregnated her every
Is this how women react when they’ve been raped Becky thought. She
dismissed the idea almost as soon as it entered her head. She had gone
into Mike’s flat knowing that he wanted sex, she’d taken the money and
had provided “a personal service”, god how she hated that phrase!
Knowing that she had consented didn’t make Becky feel any better, she
loathed herself even more.
Becky got out of the bath and after making a half hearted attempt to
towel herself dry went into the bedroom. Falling into bed she hugged
her favourite teddy bear, Toby bear tight. Toby had been a present
from her grandfather and she treasured him despite his missing right
eye and the ripped left ear. Becky had loved her grandfather and the
feel of Toby’s furry body next to hers made her feel a little less
alone. She would give up escorting once she’d cleared that credit
cardbill and got a job which paid a half decent wage Becky thought as
her eyes began to droop. Mike had been generous. When Becky had
counted the cash she found that he’d included a £50 tip making her fee
for the evening £250 rather than the agreed upon figure of £200. Kind,
sweet Julie had lent her £400 (Julie was doing very well as an escort)
meaning that Becky had £500 to pay her rent with and £150 left for
other expenses. Owing that money to Julie was another reason for
continuing for a while at least in the escort business. As Becky
finally fell asleep her last thought was “perhaps selling one’s body
is not so bad, perhaps, perhaps …”.


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