The First Time (Part 3)

Below is part 3 of “The First Time”. Part 1 appeared on 10 June and Part 2 on 11 June. Becky, a graduate with a first class degree in english literature has

run up a credit card debt of £5,321. Believing that she has no other

choice Becky enters the world of escorting to clear her debts and

finds that it is not the glamorous profession portrayed in certain

media outlets.


Becky awoke to a football team practicing in her head. She lay there for several minutes wishing that she could return to the land of sweet sleep but the insistent throbbing in her temples forced her to get up, she needed headache tablets and strong black coffee. Becky put her feet over the side of the bed and attempted to stand. The room performed somersaults before her eyes and Becky had to place both hands on the wall to prevent herself from collapsing on the bedroom floor. Feeling nauseous she rested her head against the wall. gradually the feeling passed and Becky slowly made her way to the bathroom holding onto the wall as she went.

Opening the medicine cabinet Becky took out a packet of aspirin. She swallowed two tablets with a glass of water. Replacing the glass Becky turned on the shower and stepped under it’s blessedly cooling spray. She stood letting the cool water sooth her aching head. The shower made her feel a little more human.

Stepping out of the shower Becky grabbed an old dressing gown from behind the bathroom door and ventured into the kitchen. She couldn’t face the thought of food (her somersaulting stomach warned her that food was not a good idea)! so she opened a new jar of instant coffee, placed a heaped teaspoon full in a mug and turned on the Russell Hobbs electric Kettle.

Try as she might to block out the recollection, Becky kept seeing Mike’s fat hairy bottom labouring up and down on top of her. She grimaced at the memory and went across the kitchen to turn off the kettle. As Becky began to pour boiling water into the mug her landline rang. Putting down the kettle Becky went into her tiny lounge to answer the dratted thing as it’s insistent ringing was making her head redouble it’s throbbing. “Hello”. “Hi Becks it’s Julie. I tried your mobile but you didn’t pick up so I thought I’d try the landline. Becks I’m going for my HIV test results today. I can’t face going alone. Can you come with me?” Becky just wanted to have her coffee and return to bed for a while but she couldn’t say no to Julie. Her friend needed her support and she couldn’t let her down. “Of course I’ll come Julie. What time do you need to be at the clinic?” “11:30”. Glancing at the clock Becky saw that it was 10:20 . “I’ll pick you up in 15 minutes, is that OK Becks?” “Yeah that’s fine Julie, see you then”. Becky replaced the receiver and returning to the kitchen poured water over the instant coffee. She would have to drink it quickly as Julie would be here in 15 minutes.

The client rolled on top of Julie and opening her legs thrust forward attempting to penetrate her. “What the hell are you doing? I don’t have unprotected sex” Julie yelled pulling away from him. “I’m clean, I don’t have anything”! “”Either we use a Durex or I’m out of here”! The man swore vilently but submitted as Julie rolled a condom down over his erect penis. He mounted her and began to hump away.

Some sixth sense told Julie that something was not quite right. She could feel the guy’s hand fiddling around with the condom. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?!” Julie jerked her body away but she was to late. The client shot inside her leaving the condom lying like a deflated balloon on the matress. “You selfish bastard, what the hell do you think you are doing”. “you’ve been paid now just fuck off out of my flat”. Inwardly seething Julie dressed, left slamming the front door behind her and drove straight home. On entering her flat Julie went straight to the bathroom and washed herself all over paying particular attention to her vagina. Christ she hoped that soap and water would wash away any poison that arsehole had shot into her.

The next day Julie visited her nearest Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) clinic. “You have Herpes I am afraid” the nurse confirmed, “but that can easily be treated” she went on handing over a bottle of antibiotics to Julie. “I strongly recommend that you return here, in 3 months time for a HIV test. The virus can take upto 3 months to manifest itself so testing now would fail to reveal the pressence of the virus. I know that it is easy to say but please try not to worry. You have done the right thing by coming here today to get tested and coming back in 3 months will set your mind at rest”.

Those 3 months where the longest in Julie’s life. When she was out and about socialising with friends she could put her potentialy positive HIV status to the back of her mind but those long dark nights. Julie lay awake tossing and turning her mind a cauldron of thoughts and emotions. What if I have HIV? I’ll die in agony. No guy will want to be my partner, they’ll run a mile once they know I’m HIV positive.

Julie felt detached from reality as she entered the clinic for her HIV test. “I’m sorry Julie but this may sting a little” said the Australian male nurse. Julie noticed that he was rather good looking, almost certainly a sportsman with those strong legs and well toned muscles. Christ she thought I’ll be asking him out next one simply can’t invite someone out on a date in a STD clinic! The thought brought the briefest of smiles to Julie’s wan face. A little prick and it was all over, Julie’s fate stirred back at her in the shape of a small bottle of red liquid, her own blood which had until a few moments ago been coursing round her warm and vibrant frame. “The results take a week to come back. The lab will test for antibodies to the HIV virus. If antibodies show then we will need to do another test to confirm conclusively whether you are HIV positive. Hopefully the test will prove negative” he said giving Julie a sympathetic smile. Do you have any questions?” Julie shook her head numbly. “OK Julie the receptionist will make an appointment for you to attend in a weeks time”.

An irate man shouted at his equally angry girlfriend “How could you do it? I mean how could you sleep with my father”. The audience clapped in agreement while the unfortunate partner turned beetroot red. God Becky hated these so-called reality shows where brainless morons could enjoy their pitiful few minutes in the limelight. How could people wash their dirty linen in public like that Becky pondered. Glancing at Julie she was surprised to find her friend seemingly engrossed in the show. How could Julie find this mindless drivel interesting? Becky kicked herself. Poor Julie was taking a moment’s restbite from the thoughts which tormented her and if that solace was to be found in daytime TV what right had Becky to judge her for finding it there.

The Health Adviser entered the waiting room and said “Julie Sanders please”. Slowly Julie stood up and gripped her friend’s arm. “You will come with me Becks won’t you?” “Of course” Becky said gently squeezing Julie’s hand. “I’ll be there for you Jules whatever happens”.

“This is my friend Becky, I’d like her to stay with me please” Julie said as they followed the Health Adviser into his office. “Of course Julie, no problem, please take a seat. I’m afraid that our computers are running very slowly today. It may take a little time for me to pull up your records” The room lapsed into silence accept for the steady tick-tock, tick-tock of a wall clock. Becky’s eyes fixed on the hands as they crawled around it’s white face. To her the clock seemed to mock her “your friend will die, you will die, only time remains” it seemed to say.

The Health Adviser turned to Julie. “I’m so sorry Julie but the test results reveal a high level of antibodies to the HIV virus”. Julie opened her mouth but no words came out. “What does that mean?” Becky asked. “If the body becomes infected with the HIV virus it tries to fight it by creating antibodies. Ultimately the virus weakens the body’s immunity to disease to a point where HIV develops into AIDS, however with modern drugs many people are living for longer and are enjoying a good quality of life”. Julie rocked back and forth “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die” she whispered. Becky hugged her tight. She felt the warmth of Julie’s breath on her face and her eyes pricked.

Julie was asleep at last. Becky looked at her friend’s beautiful grey eyes with their long eyelashes and a lump arose in her throat. She went into the bathroom, laid her head against the cold tiles and wept.


The end


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