Stop Press bear spotted in London Office

One of the advantages of being blind is that I can take my guide dog, Trigger everywhere. No staying at home for Trigger while yours truly goes into the office to earn a humble crust, my four-legged companion accompanies me to my place of work. Having a dog in the office certainly can lead to some interesting happenings! I moved on Monday of last week to a new office and being a curious chap Trigger decided that it would be great fun to go exploring. Most of the offices are open plan and Trigger enjoyed himself greatly by racing around his new environment. I later learned that calls had been made reporting that a large bear was on the loose (I kid you not)! Trigger is a lovely Brindle lab-retriever so (just possibly) the sight of a fast moving black dog with flashes of golden brown could be mistaken for a bear, however the mind boggles as to how such a wild creature could come to find itself in the middle of central London on the third floor of a large office block. Perhaps the geneticists have been at work and bears have learned to fly through the open windows of office blocks!
Following Trigger’s attempt at recreating the great escape he is now tethered to a bar. Sadly the bar does not serve alcoholic drinks, it is a large metal construction firmly affixed to the wall from which even the most determined of canines would find it impossible to escape.
Joking apart Trigger is very popular and lots of people pop by my desk to say hello to him. Indeed I am becoming quite paranoid as no one appears to want to talk to me, they all want to make a fuss of Trigger.
I am becoming quite concerned about Trigger as he never does a stroke of work in the office. Everyone else bevers away on their computers, attending meetings etc while Trigger snoozes quietly in the corner. Despite his terminal laziness HR seem strangely reluctant to terminate his contract. I call this discrimination as if anyone else behaved in that manner they’d be given their marching orders PDQ, not so Mr Trigger!Oh what it is to be popular.


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I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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