I am still boiling with anger following the events of yesterday evening (22 June). I am blind and have a guide dog, Trigger who accompanies me everywhere. Under UK law guide and other assistance dogs are permitted access to restaurants, pubs and other premises from which non-working dogs (I.E. dogs which are not assistance animals) would be forbidden from entering. Besides being an essential aide in getting around London safely Trigger is also my four-legged friend. Over the nearly 12 months Trigger and I have been together we have built up a strong relationship (the fact that he has prevented many accidents has forged a deep bond between us).
Yesterday evening I popped into the pub on the way home from work. The place was packed but I managed to secure a nook at the bar and settled down to enjoy my pint. There I sat winding down after a hard day’s work when a voice piped up “keep your effing dog away from me”. I was completely taken back as Trigger is a working guide dog and was doing nothing whatever to provoke such a response. “what stone have you crawled out from under” I fumed inwardly. I felt the warm glow of anger rising in my belly. It was Friday evening and I wanted to enjoy a drink in convivial and peaceful surroundings but here was this arsehole telling me to “keep my effing dog away from him”.
A few minutes passed and up piped the same guy “I told you to keep your effing dog away from me”. I felt the warm glow of anger growing stronger in my belly. I wanted to punch this arrogant tosser who had crawled out from under some particularly stinking rocks. Who was he to tell me to “keep my effing dog away from him”. He could see by Trigger’s distinctive harness that he was a working guide dog and even if the harness had not been vissible their was no justification whatsoever for this yob’s language. I have a very long fuse but I wanted to hit this bloke, hard. What a contemptible specimen of humanity I thought stifling the desire to wallop him one.
Another customer interveened and helped me to find a space away from Mr arsehole. Throughout the rest of the evening I could feel the anger mingling with contempt for Mr arsehole welling up inside. At one point I visited the toilets. I had visions of him following me in there and picking a fight, however I wasn’t going to allow  him to intimidate me so I used the loos without incident.
I am, as I said above still seething with righteous anger. This guy took no account of my blindness, of the fact that I need Trigger to live independently. Instead he chose to insult me, to treat me with utter contempt.
Hitting him would no doubt have produced a temporary feeling of release. However I went one better by going back to the same pub this evening and enjoying a pleasant pint. As it happened Mr Angry wasn’t there, however had he been present I wouldn’t have allowed this fact to spoil my evening. This guy obviously has no life so chooses to get his kicks from insulting others. What a sad and pathetic individual he is. “get a life you sad bastard”!


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I live and work in London and blog as a hobby. If you would like to contact me please send an email to animalia at (the address is rendered in this manner in order to try and defeat spammers)!
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