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Goodbye to sex?

Yesterday’s Daily Mail has an interesting piece by A N Wilson about the future of genetics and humanity. Wilson reviews a book “Like a Virgin” by a geneticist at Imperial College London in which the author argues that the future … Continue reading

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Anyway for mind uploading?

Today’s issue (26 June) of the kurzweilai.net newsletter has a piece on mind uploading together with links to further interesting papers on the subject. Mind uploading is the concept of transfering consciousness from the human brain to some other medium, … Continue reading

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Amped by Daniel Wilson

In an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled “Bionic Brains and Beyond”, Daniel Wilson discusses his forthcoming novel “amped” in which he portrays the social issues which arise when super enhanced individuals start to emerge. Wilson points out that … Continue reading

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and death shall have no dominion – well perhaps?

Yesterday evening Oxford University’s Scientific Society hosted a debate between Professor Colin Blakemore and Professor Aubrey De Grey regarding whether the defeat of ageing should be a priority. Professor Aubrey De Grey proposed while Professor Blakemore opposed the motion. De … Continue reading

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Interesting new developments in artificial intelligence

My friend, Brian drew the following article in today’s Guardian to my attention http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/apr/01/ai-artificial-intelligence-robots-sautoy. The piece explores developments in artificial intelligence and includes interesting details about research at Sony’s Paris Labatory where machines who have developed their own language interact … Continue reading

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Can machines ever be truly moral?

Several days ago the New York Times carried an article, by Colin Allen regarding whether machines (computers, robots etc) can develop morality. Allen is sceptical of Raymond Kurzweil’s concept of “the Singularity” (the point at which machine intelligence surpasses that … Continue reading

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” Oh who is that young sinner with the handcuffs on his wrists? And what has he been after that they groan and shake their fists? And wherefore is he wearing such a conscience-stricken air? Oh they’re taking him to … Continue reading

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