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Goodbye to sex?

Yesterday’s Daily Mail has an interesting piece by A N Wilson about the future of genetics and humanity. Wilson reviews a book “Like a Virgin” by a geneticist at Imperial College London in which the author argues that the future … Continue reading

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If People Could Read Minds by Kevin Morris

If people could read minds half the men would be in prison and the other half would have black eyes. If people could read minds divorce lawyers would live like kings. If people could read minds friendships would vanish like … Continue reading

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Anyway for mind uploading?

Today’s issue (26 June) of the kurzweilai.net newsletter has a piece on mind uploading together with links to further interesting papers on the subject. Mind uploading is the concept of transfering consciousness from the human brain to some other medium, … Continue reading

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A question for you

Is it better to be a contented pig or a discontented philosopher? Imagine that by taking a pill you could induce a state of permanent bliss, would you take the tablet?

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Amped by Daniel Wilson

In an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled “Bionic Brains and Beyond”, Daniel Wilson discusses his forthcoming novel “amped” in which he portrays the social issues which arise when super enhanced individuals start to emerge. Wilson points out that … Continue reading

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Does the Social Contract Exist?

The purpose of this post is to explore whether the concept of the Social Contract possesses validity (I was stirred into action after watching the following Youtube video by the Anarcho-Capitalist Michael Shanklin which dismisses the concept out of hand … Continue reading

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On being a machine

An interesting article about the future of technology. Ray Kurzweil sees a world in which we merge with machines (the Singularity). According to Kurzweil we should not fear merging as it will enhance rather than destroy what it means to … Continue reading

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